Pneumatic Murrine Cutter

No matter how you cut it (or spell it), Bugeye Products has developed the easiest, fastest and most consistent way to make murrine/murrini glass slices. This one-of-a-kind tool is designed to cut round, rectangular or flat glass murrine up to 7/8 inch (22 mm) thick.

Watch our video and see for yourself!

Unmistakably The Best Glass Cane Cutter On The Market

 Built-in length guide
Material fence for easy use
Convenient material chute for cut murrine
Integrated surface clamp for quick setup
Quick air connect and regulator
Safety guards
 Patent Pending

Easy to Operate and Maintain!

The murine cutter is designed for years of trouble-free operation, cutting thousands of canes. The unit comes with a five-year warranty on all components except the blades and plastic guards.

The circular blades can be turned a few degrees to maintain a sharp cutting surface. If you ever need to order replacement blades, simply contact us.

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“It’s a lifesaver.”


“It chops through the murrine with just a simple press of the button.”


“The thing I like best about the murrine cutter is its speed.”