Pneumatic Murrine Cutter

No matter how you cut it (or spell it), Bugeye Products has developed the easiest, fastest and most consistent way to make murrine/murrini glass slices. This one-of-a-kind tool is designed to cut round, rectangular or flat glass murrine up to 7/8 inch (22 mm) thick.

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Divided Kiln Tray

The exclusive, new Kiln Tray from Bugeye Products is a compartmentalized ceramic tray with eight cells to keep your glass colors organized and contained in the kiln. It makes glassblowing more enjoyable and more productive.

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Twisty Bit

If you make cane you need Twisty Bit.  Your cane will have a tighter more consistent twist.  Your cane design will not stretch out and fade away.  You will get more usable cane and need less of it in your rollup.   This tool is designed for quick convenient use.  

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